Collection Storage - Collection Care; Arguably the single-most important undertaking for museums both large and small. As collections continue to grow, efficient artifact storage space and optimum convenience and control over artifacts have become primary needs in today’s museum collection preservation strategies. STORAGELogic of Maryland offers innovative storage solutions that help museums better manage time, space and security. At STORAGELogic of Maryland, We fully recognize that the most significant factors influencing your choice in storage systems are: To that end, we've partnered with industry leaders to offer you a single source for all your storage needs. With our combined knowledge and expansive product offering, you won't find a more effective provider of collection- care systems.  For more information, please contact our Museum Collections specialist to arrange a free space consultantion: 410.472.0824 or
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Each one of the storage applications shown to the right was designed by a Spacesaver Museum Specialist whose industry knowledge and creativity allowed them to solve a customer’s particular storage problem. The Museum Specialists’ ability to meet our customers’ storage needs within budgetary and time constraints, while providing the necessary guidance in the procure- ment process, is always their primary objective. There is no cost or obligation to contact us for storage design and solution assistance. LEARN MORE>>
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