STORAGELogic of Maryland Creates A Custom-designed System For The Baltimore County Police Department To Store Weapons and Fire-arms
The Crime Lab was running out of storage space and needed an easier way to view the weapons without having to go through boxes of pistols or moving around hundreds of long arms. So they came to STORAGELogic of Maryland to find a solution that a) keeps the collection in close proximity to their lab, b) provides growth for their collection, and c) provides a “visible collection” for their detectives. Our solution: A custom-designed system created with the input of the Baltimore County Police Department, the local Spacesaver systems planner and Spacesaver’s corporate office. Utilizing Spacesaver’s Mechanical Assist mobile storage units, Metal Dynamics powder- coated steel slatwall with steel rods and Spacesaver’s Weapons Rack II, we were able to meet their distinctive storage needs. This system included many unique features, such as: Roller-guide bearing mechanical assist carriages provide smooth carriage movement and superior performance. Weapons Rack II with adjustable barrel rests for long arms storage. Metal slatwall with different diameter rods positioned on a slight tilt for varying caliber pistols. The system stores almost 3,000 weapons. The system is aesthetically pleasing- “A showcase” for the department.
FreeSTYLE - Personal Storage Locker
Make it up as you go. Finally, there’s a locker system that adapts as fast as you do. Sizes that fit your space. Configurations that meet your demands. Accessories that change with your needs. This personal storage locker is the tough, adaptable, long-term solution to your personal storage requirements. Watch this short video to learn more: FreeSTYLE
Keeping the streets safe – and protecting citizens from harm – involves a host of disparate processes and procedures, along with a diverse mix of uniquely qualified professionals who are sworn to serve and protect. In short, public safety is a highly complex science. It’s also one that shares a singularly critical element: storage. But the seemingly endless storage challenges in any aspect of public safety ends here. That’s because STORAGELogic of Maryland offers the industry’s most efficient and secure public safety storage solutions. Whether it involves law enforcement storage; crime lab storage; courthouse storage; corrections storage; fire department storage, or anything else that has to do with public safety, we’ve got a storage solution … from collar to conviction™. And we’ve got the expertise. For decades, we’ve engineered highly effective storage solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of those charged with the protection and safety of the public.  For more information, please contact our office to speak to a Public Safety specialist and to arrange a free space consultantion: 410.472.0824 or
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