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Day Use Lockers

The way people interact with space is evolving. With space at a premium in flexible workplaces, libraries, and other collaborative environments, secure personal storage helps save space and promote peace of mind.

Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers are a smart solution for any open office, library, clinic, or other setting. With a sturdy steel frame wrapped in a sleek design, these personal storage can be customized to complement any environment.

Ready to see how Day Use Lockers can work in your space?

The building blocks to
flexible spaces.
The building blocks for personal storage
in a flexible work environment.

Whether it’s a locker wall,

partition, or island, Day Use

Lockers serve as the building

blocks to create your dynamic space.

With personal space at a premium,

keep your offices open and collaborative

to make a positive impact on

your employees’ work life.


Locker Wall

Turn unused wall space into productive storage. Mix and match finishes and door sizes to create a custom look.

Locker Partition

Lockers embedded in free-standing walls serve as room dividers while also storing personal belongings.

Locker Island

Serving three functions in one, islands provide a counter-height work surface as well as storage and seating.

Creative workplace design.

With increasing demand for alternative workstations and flexible work environments, companies are designing more shared spaces for collaborative work. Square footage is still at a premium, though, and that’s why our day use lockers and other practical design elements can be integrated into modular “blocks” that save space and serve multiple functions.

Lockers shown:

  • Steel Day Use Lockers with laminate doors

  • 72” tall with 4 tiers

  • Each locker opening is apx. 18” tall by 12” wide by 18” deep

  • Combination locks with master key


This Manhattan firm is committed to recruiting and retaining top employees. Day-use lockers help create a modern, well-functioning workplace that’s appealing to employees and potential recruits.

Read more here.


Lock Options

Secure your storage with electronic, combination, or hasp locks.


We offer a wide selection of heights,

widths, and depths depending on

your space and the number of openings

you need.


Frames are powder-coated steel in your choice of color. Doors can be powder-coated steel in your choice of color or your choice of high-pressure laminate finishes.

Additional Options

Ventilation incorporated in the back of each locker to allow airflow.

Ventilation incorporated in the back of each locker to allow airflow.


Additional options including sloped tops, and interior shelves (for openings greater than 28” H) upon request.


4″ high recessed or flush base with levelers for simple leveling adjustment to any floor.

4″ high recessed or flush base with levelers for simple leveling adjustment to any floor.


A broad range of powder coat finishes are available for our standard steel doors, along with any Wilson Art HPLF high pressure laminate finish. (See downloads for full range of options.)


Hidden stainless steel slam-proof hinges with adjustable closing rate.

Hidden stainless steel slam-proof hinges with adjustable closing rate.


Accessories like hooks, additional shelves and number tags are available.

When students, faculty, or staff need secure storage for belongings while they’re in the library, a classroom, a lab, the gym, or anywhere else on campus, Day Use Lockers are the perfect solution. A variety of lock options provide peace of mind, and design options are virtually limitless.

Day Use Lockers provide efficient and accessible storage options while also enhancing the interior design of learning environments.

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