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Museum & Archives Case Studies

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center has been involved in the preservation, study, and exhibition of artist-built environments for nearly 50 years.

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The Chemical Heritage Foundation needed to convert a boarded-up eyesore of a building into the John C. Haas Archive of Science and Business at CHF.

[Case Study] Chemical Heritage Foundation-1.jpg

The collection comprises around 50,000 objects from many of the world’s most well-known designers, from Adrian to Yves St Laurent.

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The building houses the Texas State
Library and Archives Commission, and while
the building has its charms – it’s across the street from the State Capitol and features an impressive facade and entryway – its structure has also posed a challenge for librarians and archivists.

[Case Study] Preserving Texas History-1.jpg

The merger presented the opportunity to combine the museums’ collections and explain the Civil War more fully. 

[Case Study] Combining Collections-1.jpg

The goal of the new building was to maintain an optimal preservation environment for collections while also fostering a better connection between campus and the collections.

[Case Study] Connecting to Campus-1.jpg

The library houses thousands of books, journals, analog AV materials, and electronic resources, including rare books and more than 6,000 historical manuscripts.

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Like many colleges and universities, Hood College has a rich history and holds precious memories for students, faculty, and staff.

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