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[Case Study] Comfort & Convenience in Flexible Office Design-2.jpg

Business Case Studies

They wanted the new office spaces to be bright and inspiring, taking advantage of natural light and city views throughout the headquarters’ multiple floors... 

[Case Study] An Open Office with Room for Personal Storage-1.jpg

A Human Resources department for a large Natural Gas Company in the Southeastern United States serves over a million residential and industrial customers in addition to over 50,000 wholesale customers...

[Case Study] Large Natural Gas Company-1.jpg

Talented creative teams are the key to this advertising agency’s success, so keeping employees engaged and inspired is one of the firm’s top priorities... 

[Case Study] Modular Office Firm Lockers-1.jpg

In a modern workplace committed to employee well-being, day use lockers provide visual interest and peace of mind.

[Case Study] Comfort & Convenience in Flexible Office Design-4.jpg
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