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Case Study - Southeastern United States

Keeping Records Secure—and Employees Safe

A Natural Gas Company uses Spacesaver’s® Touch Technology Control™ to protect an important part of their employees’ well being—their personal information

Identity theft isn’t something that’s immediately associated with a Human Resources department, but when you look closer, it makes perfect sense. Think about how much personal information—bank account numbers, social security numbers, and health information—your company’s HR department has on you alone, and then think about the number of employees in your organization. There are also documents that an HR department has to maintain in terms of taxes and workforce laws at the state
and federal level.

Workplaces breaches in security are very real—and even though digitized files and computer data is what makes up most of the stories we hear on the nightly news, the most common scenario is a simple one—a single employee gains access to paper copies of personal information about the company’s other employees and exploits that information. And, with employers being held liable for any harm suffered by employees on account of a workplace breach, it’s become more important than ever for companies of all sizes to make sure paper files are secure and access is limited only to the people who are authorized to work with them.

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A Human Resources department for a large Natural Gas Company in the Southeastern United States serves over a million residential and industrial customers in addition to over 50,000 wholesale customers. Not only is their client base robust, but they have a large employee base—and their HR department’s goal is to keep the company strong with engaged, happy, and fulfilled employees through a commitment to work/life balance and plenty of leadership and development opportunities.

When Donna Ball, an HR Benefits Consultant at the company, started looking into a different way for the department to store their files, utilizing existing space was the main priority. Working with Ben Gold at Patterson Pope, an authorized Spacesaver distributor, Ball decided on a mobile storage system that would allow the department to store twice the amount of materials than the traditional shelving they had been using.

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However, soon after the system was installed, she quickly found another benefit—the LCD touchpad that controlled the system’s movements, the Touch Technology Control, offered a built-in security she hadn’t even considered. Each carriage of the department’s mobile storage system can be programmed by a specific lock code, which allows only a few to access the entire collection of files. This access can be managed via a PIN code or a swipe card authorization, and can be combined with an audit log function, in which security-relevant records of who has accessed the system can be downloaded and viewed through virtually any spreadsheet program or text viewer. This creates another level of security with the files, as they are already kept behind a locked set of doors.

“The primary concern in our department has always been security and limiting access to the HR files,” Ball says. “The Touch Technology Control adds another layer and addresses both of those concerns.”

The result is a department that can rest a bit easier in knowing there’s an added measure of security—which in turn plays a part in reducing the liability that comes with a breach in workforce security.

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“Any market that revolves around privacy, security, and audit control needs would benefit from the additional functions of the Touch Technology Control. It certainly was a huge benefit for our HR department.”
Donna Ball, HR Benefits Consultant,
Large Natural Gas Company in the Southeastern U.S.

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