Protecting and organizing a museum’s conservation supplies Museum conservators and archivists are responsible for creating safe preservation environments for the items entrusted to their care. Their work requires a variety of supplies, which they use to construct custom boxes and protective mounts, organize historic records, and perform other conservation tasks. Because conservation supplies are often purchased in bulk, museums need effective ways to store large quantities of oversized materials. Storage areas need to be conveniently located to allow staff to access supplies and the areas should be kept organized to protect the museum’s investment in high-quality materials. Staff at the muse

Ballistic panels for evidence lockers

Protecting law enforcement personnel from accidental weapons discharge While accidental weapons discharges in law enforcement facilities are rare, the incidents can be serious, sometimes resulting in serious injury or death. Weapons collected as evidence pose particular risk because officers might not be as familiar with the operation of evidentiary weapons as they are with weapons they were trained on. While following proper handling protocol during evidence collection goes a long way toward ensuring everyone’s safety at the crime scene and throughout the chain of custody, a major Arizona law enforcement agency wanted to take additional precautions. To guard against accidental injury, the a

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