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Preserve plant quality, save space, and save time.


Post-harvest management is a crucial step in any cultivator’s process. After all, it doesn’t matter how much cannabis you grow if the final product is ruined due to improper drying or curing.

Promote best practices and streamline your drying process with Spacesaver’s patent pending

GROW Drying System. Consisting of carts, racks, and mobile carriages that move on rails, the system is designed to help you and your team harvest more efficiently while also preserving plant quality.

Why is this streamlined process so revolutionary?

By eliminating unnecessary handling, it helps keep plants’ molecular structures intact, which reduces terpene and THC degradation. The system results in lower labor costs, a more valuable yield, and higher revenues — truly raising the bar on post-harvest processes.


Labor Efficiency

  • Faster harvest

  • Fewer touches

  • No need for wires or zip ties

  • No need for bins

Flexibility & Optimization

  • Choose the products you need

  • Adjust on the fly for any plant size

  • Gain more drying space in a smaller footprint

  • Maintain high yield and high plant quality

Better Work Environment

  • More comfortable working conditions

  • Easy to clean

  • Multi-tiered

  • Vertical posts are easy to move from cart to rack

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant materials

Complete Solutions

  • Harvest, transport, and dry while eliminating

  • unnecessary handling

  • Integrate with GROW Mobile System for hands-free

  • support during harvest

  • One-stop shop for space planning, consulting on

  • accessories, installation, and maintenance

  • We bring our expertise or can work with your

  • consulting team

How It Works

The GROW Drying System consists of carts, racks, and mobile carriages. Vertical posts and T-bars are compatible with these components, securely storing plants from the moment they’re harvested until the drying process is complete.

See How Spacesaver


We offer the quality, service, and expertise you need to improve efficiency and profitability

Quality and Durability

  • Durable materials, including heavy-duty steel and anti-microbial powder-coat paint

  • Made in the USA

Experience and Local Expertise

  • Expert local space planning services

  • Installation and long-term maintenance

  • Staff training on system use

  • Long-term service and maintenance

  • 50 years in business

  • 300,000 installations throughout North America and around the world

Customized For You

  • Expert space planning services

  • Systems sized for your space and your needs

  • Phased installation available

Complete Solutions

  • We bring our own expertise or we can work with your consulting team

  • Integrate your existing racking, or we can advise on new systems

  • Our partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Company offers the best brands in horticulture

​To learn more, contact our office today. Call 410-472-0824 or email


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