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Creating an efficient, secure storage system for valuable inventory

The planning and design team for a new cannabis dispensary needed to convert a former bank building into an attractive and efficient dispensary. In addition to creating an inviting space for clients to browse, they also needed to comply with a number of rules and regulations. Every ounce of inventory had to be accounted for at every step of the process, and no inventory could be left out on the sales floor at night.

They needed a way to manage the workflow surrounding product storage and dispensing in limited space, so they called on the local Spacesaver consultant for advice.

The Spacesaver consultant provided an ingenious solution: a different Spacesaver system for each of two areas in the dispensary’s secure vault, and a bin system to store and transfer product between them. The fulfillment room is a small chamber in the vault where an employee fills and dispenses customer orders. A Spacesaver Bi-File lateral sliding storage system makes the most of limited space: the front shelving sections are mounted on carriages that

move from side to side to allow access to the back row of stationary shelving. Space inside the vault, which is the actual steel-lined vault left over from the bank, is optimized with a Spacesaver high-density mobile storage system. This area consists of bulk storage and storage for infrequently accessed items.

The systems in both areas are fitted with Spacesaver’s EZ Rail® Element to hold industry standard plastic bins. The customer provided a cart to move bins efficiently from one area to the other.

The system keeps inventory organized and accessible, and it’s far more efficient than moving products every night. Because the fulfillment room is part of the vault, only the stock that’s out on the sales floor needs to be moved and secured at closing time.

The clients are so pleased with how the systems are working that they’ve asked the Spacesaver consultant to design storage systems for two additional locations.

To learn more about this storage application, download our info sheets below:

SLM [Product News] High-density Storage in Dispensaries
Download PDF • 695KB
SLM [Info Sheet] Dispensary - PharmaStor
Download PDF • 587KB
SLM [Info Sheet] High-Density Mobile Systems for Dispensaries
Download PDF • 551KB
SLM [Product News] Optimizing Space in a Dispensary
Download PDF • 666KB

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