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Repeat customers call on Spacesaver to equip new grow

As cannabis legalization expands, so does demand. This Oklahoma commercial cannabis cultivation operation has repeatedly called on Spacesaver to optimize space in new build-outs.This facility consisted of seven flowering rooms in a renovated warehouse. The growers wanted to take advantage of the 16-foot ceiling height, and they needed a robust vertical racking system to handle the weight of plants, pots, and growing media.

An HVAC contractor had initially referred the owners to the local Spacesaver cannabis consultant, and they were so pleased with the Spacesaver GROW Mobile Systems in their first facility that they called on him again. He designed two-tiered mobile vertical racking systems that fill each room. Lighting and other systems can be easily integrated with the racking for a clean, safe grow.

“More lights equals more plants, which equals more pounds, which equals more money,” said the Spacesaver consultant. “We’re happy to help make the most of their space.”


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