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Complete solutions to preserve institutional history

Libraries often serve as de facto archives for their communities, accumulating art, memorabilia, and other artifacts that become the library’s special collections. Allocating space for special collections during a recent library renovation allowed faculty and staff at this college to better protect the institution’s history.

Nantucket Drawers and Trays help this college protect and preserve special

collections while also making smart use of space.

Spacesaver provided complete solutions for the new space and an adjacent work room, including compact mobile shelving, textile racks, and Nantucket Drawers and Trays. The Nantucket system is a cost-effective way to store items that don’t need to be enclosed in a sealed cabinet, and the system also provides customizable and reconfigurable space for storing 3-D objects above the trays.Now the college has plenty of room to preserve its history, as well as room to grow in the future. Student interns can even gain hands-on experience with archival tasks.


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