Comfort & Convenience in an Activity-Based Workplace

Creating an appealing work environment and optimizing expensive square footage in the heart of Manhattan. Proven concept, expanded approach A major accounting firm introduced the concept of “hoteling” or “hot desking” at its Manhattan location several years ago in an effort to improve employee satisfaction in an open office environment. The concept worked well and the firm’s leadership decided to expand on it when they moved to a new office at Times Square. In this flexible approach to office design, the vast majority of employees aren’t assigned a permanent office or cubicle. Instead they choose the work environment that best suits their changing needs throughout the day. For instance, a ju

Visible Storage for Museum Collections

Increase engagement & protect collections with visible storage At a time when museum professionals are seeking new and meaningful ways to engage visitors, the concept of visible storage has emerged as a practical way to promote better access while also protecting collections. Because exhibition space is limited, and because many museums keep the majority of their holdings in storage, visible storage allows visitors, donors, and board members to gain a better understanding of a collection’s breadth and depth. In order to be successful over the long term, visible storage projects must balance access and openness with the need to maintain optimal preservation environments and provide secure sto

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