A Better Long-term Solution Calgary is the fastest growing city in Canada and is home to over a million residents. While population growth can be positive in many ways, it also has a downside: cities with more people tend to experience more crime, and rapid growth can strain public services. This was the case with the Calgary Police Service, which was struggling with storage issues as more evidence accumulated. The service eventually rented a warehouse to hold property and evidence, and although the warehouse was accredited, it was relatively distant from police headquarters. Over time the rent and the costs associated with driving to and from the warehouse added up to a significant expense.

High-density Mobile Storage System Doubles Capacity For Inmate Property at Arapahoe County Detention

The Inmate Property department at the Arapahoe County Detention Center in Englewood, Colo., had outgrown its storage space. The laundry-garment rack system not only was overloaded and inefficient, it had become a safety issue. With frequent breakdowns and bags falling apart and off hangers, staff would often have to crawl beneath the racks to retrieve what they needed. The outdated system needed to be replaced and capacity expanded, yet adding more space was not an option. "Headquarters had already installed high-density mobile storage systems for property and evidence storage and records, so I knew what I wanted," said Inmate Property Supervisor Sue White. At her supervisors recommendation,

Smart Small Parts Storage

ActivRAC increases storage capacity for the Parts and Service Department at Dave Kehl Chevrolet, Inc. CHALLENGES Dave Kehl Chevrolet, Inc. Has been the number one Silverado truck dealership in the state of Ohio for the past two years running-in addition to a high-volume sales department, they also have an extensive parts and service department, which recently moved to the new dealership facility across the street. The original service department housed narrow shelving with only 24"wide aisles, which was difficult to access and maneuver around aisles. In addition, the number of parts needed for service was steadily increasing-They were in dire need of a smarter storage solution. SOLUTION Pa

Compact Food Storage on a an Oil Rig

Locking ActivRAC®securely stores food in compact spaces Oil rigs are like small floating cities, housing the staff and equipment needed to support the rig’s mission. The largest rigs house hundreds of people, and food service staff face particular challenges: although space is limited, all food safety regulations must be followed and the galley needs to store enough food to serve thousands of meals between supply deliveries. As a result, high-density storage is an essential component of most rigs’ food service strategy. In the past, most rigs simply purchased the cheapest compact storage solution. This became a problem, though, particularly because rigs aren’t stationary: they’re built on la

LevPRO Custominzations

Spacesaver accessories optimize space at an elementary school An elementary school in Wisconsin was storing typical gym equipment like floor scooters, bats and tees, golf bags and clubs, and crates filled with miscellaneous items in various locations around the school. Staff wanted an organized, efficient system that would allow them to spend more time planning and preparing for class, and less time searching for equipment and supplies. While the LEVPRO compact shelving system appealed to the school’s physical education teachers, they needed to customize the standard kit to maximize space inside the unit. Any of Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving accessories can be added to the LEVPRO system, and

Sterile Supply Storage On A Mission

Learn how a hospital gained 38% more sterile storage space and saved staff time by installing a “levitating” shelving system that’s easy to use and keep clean. LEVPRO enabled a trauma center to align its sterile storage system with itsmission to improve patient care. Bryan Health is a nonprofit, locally owned healthcare organization located in Lincoln, Nebraska. With an award-winning network of doctors and hospitals, a health college, acute care centers, and a variety of outpatient clinics, the organization upholds the highest standards of patient care—and that care begins far before staff enter a patient’s room. It begins behind the scenes with the way that supplies and equipment are organi

Wheeled Cabinets In A Teaching Museum

Moving artifacts between collections areas and classrooms Historic St. Mary’s City, located in southern Maryland, is charged with collecting, preserving, and interpreting the state’s original settlement site and first state capital. The institution is also home to the longest-running field school in historical archaeology in the United States. When the museum had the opportunity to design and construct a new building, the curator called on Spacesaver to help design storage solutions for archival records and the institution’s ever-growing archaeological collection. The study collection, which is accessed daily, is housed in full-height Viking cabinets installed on powered compactors. A fleet

Delta Flight Museum

HELPING A CORPORATE MUSEUM PROTECT HISTORY The Delta Flight Museum welcomes the public to explore aviation history, celebrate Delta’s story and people, and discover the future of flight. Located in Delta’s original 1940s-era aircraft hangars in Atlanta, the museum was founded in 1995 and completed a major renovation in 2014. ​ The 68,000-square-foot attraction serves as exhibit, archive, and collections space, and the hangar can also be rented for special events. Historic aircraft are on display, along with exhibits that tell Delta’s story. In addition to the public display area, the museum also includes a climate-controlled collections area fitted with Spacesaver compactors and cabinets tha

Softball Storage on Display

Compact Mobile System designers, like STORAGELogic, can work with architects and designers to create innovative solutions for softball equipment storage, as well as other athletic equipment storage. A recent example is at the new Jane Sanders Stadium at the University of Oregon. In addition to a new ballpark, practice area, locker rooms, and a player lounge, the stadium also boasts a state-of-the-art equipment room. With laundry facilities, work areas, and a Spacesaver compact mobile storage system, the equipment room demonstrates how form and function can combine to boost team spirit and store large amounts of athletic gear. In addition to a new ballpark, practice area, locker rooms, and a

High-Yield Cannabis Grow Facility

Space is at a premium in the Bay Area, which is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the U.S. Even warehouse space in industrial areas is expensive. Beyond real estate costs, cannabis growers need to control the temperature and humidity throughout the grow areas. The larger the facility, the greater the expense. With these concerns in mind, the owners of this facility were determined to make every square inch count. Although it might seem appealing to pack as many plants as possible into the flowering rooms, the owners knew that wasn’t a viable option. That’s because crowded plants inhibit air movement, which can result in the growth of mold, mildew, and other pests. Also, all t

Growing Hydroponic Herbs in Manhattan

Manhattan chefs want to serve meals made with the finest, freshest ingredients, and they’re willing to pay top dollar for them. But supplying fresh foods year-round can be difficult for farmers, particularly with New York’s cold winter climate and the logistical challenges of transporting produce into the city from farms and greenhouses in the countryside. With Spacesaver’s help, a Manhattan entrepreneur has devised a creative solution to this problem: he has transformed a restaurant basement into a thriving hydroponic herb-growing business. The urban farm enterprise, called Farm.One, grows hundreds of different varieties of high-value herbs and microgreens year-round. Located in Manhattan’s

Creating a stylish and functional retail environment

Based in Austin, Texas, HELM Boots designs and manufactures high-quality leather boots, belts, and other merchandise. About a year ago, the company decided to move into its new flagship location on Austin’s east side, a move that would attract more foot traffic but that would also result in a smaller shop with no backroom storage. “We knew we had to get creative with how we were going to store our inventory, while also creating the right environment,” said HELM founder Brad Day. “We didn’t want to corner off a big chunk of the store and put drapes up, or build a new wall to hide all the inventory.” The company’s creative director had seen Spacesaver systems in a library, and the store’s desi

Space-Saving Showroom Display

Häfele America Co., a manufacturer and distributor of upscale residential and commercial hardware, recently designed a new showroom in Manhattan to showcase its innovative fittings, slides, and other products. The design team wanted every aspect of the showroom display to reflect Häfele’s dedication to innovation and premium quality. ​The situation presented the design team with a challenge: the new space would be smaller than the previous showroom, yet the company’s product lines were expanding and more product would need to be displayed. A Spacesaver compact storage system provided the ideal solution. The project architects, from the firm Perkins+Will, had worked with Spacesaver on previou

St. Mary's Academy Bay View Rocks Their Spacesaver Sports Equipment Storage

In 2012, the students of Bay View Academy rallied together and participated in the Spacesaver Rock UR Storage contest, ultimately winning a $30,000 sports equipment storage makeover. The makeover included a Wheelhouse mobile storage system with mechanical assist (hand crank) operation. Each compartment is designed to protect and organize equipment. Jerseys and other uniforms can now be neatly hung on garment rails. Balls for a variety of sports are housed behind acrylic with open access for ease of storage and visibility. So now, instead of digging through piles of athletic equipment stored in plastic tubs on a four foot deep pallet or even boxes stacked inside the athletic director’s shower

A Gift Shop Like No Other

OMA’s Mark Von Hof-Zogrotzki designed the cabinetry that would be used and then worked with Spacesaver to install the cabinets onto mobile carriages that run on tracks in the floor. The carriages are carefully concealed beneath the cabinets, so all that is seen is the custom cabinets. ​ The shop can easily be opened each day by manually rolling the custom cabinets along the tracks in the floor. Once the aisles are opened, each cabinet can be plugged into a floor outlet in order to light merchandise and power the cash register. Special carriage rail covers were designed to provide a convenient, safe public space. At the end of the day, the entire shop can be locked into a tight cube. ​To lear

Increased Climate-Controlled Storage Capacity for Independent Seed Testing Company

One of the world’s largest independent seed testing companies was quickly running out of space in their climate-controlled storage facility. They needed more storage capacity and a better method to access, track and control samples, but wanted to avoid the potentially costly construction of an entirely new building. Haldeman-Homme, the local Spacesaver Representative in North Dakota, was presented with this challenge and proposed the ActivRAC 7M system as the ideal storage solution. This high-density mobile storage solution eliminates the need for idle aisles and can more than double storage capacity as compared to traditional wire racking or static shelving. By planning renovations around t

High-end Automotive Dealer Gets Top-line Tire Storage Solution

At the time this Porsche automotive dealership was built in the Vancouver, BC area, proper tire storage consideration was an after-thought. Once they realized the importance of this much-needed space, they allocated the only available space in the building--a small mezzanine above the tire balancing area of service center--for their tire inventory. ​ With limited mezzanine space, methods to store the tires included floor stacking or traditional static tire racks. In both options, tires had to be manhandled and required constricted access, allowing for a smaller inventory size. Enter in Bruce Middleton, from Hi-Cube Storage Products Ltd., an authorized Spacesaver Corporation distributor. He r

Craft Beer Explosion Increases the Need for Cold Storage System

A Midwest Beer Distributor recently installed mobile pallet racking into their new keg cooler. The cooler storage capacity was increased by 100%. This was a major cost savings that allowed an increase in the number of SKU’s over a conventional pallet rack storage system. The system design allowed accommodates their existing counterbalanced lift trucks. ActivRAC mobile racking allowed the distributing company to increase the number of SKUs that are stored and also to provide immediate access and the ability to pick accurately and ship beer out on time. To learn more, contact our office today. Call 410-472-0824 or email info@storagelogicinc.com

Iowa State University gets Movable Shelving

The equipment room at Iowa State University (ISU) was old, cramped and disorganized. There wasn’t enough space to store everything that the team needed and used on a daily basis, let alone try and organize the items within the space. ​ “Since we did not have enough space we had to use it inefficiently, thus there were times when it took a while to find items because they had to be boxed up and put high on top of the storage areas,” said Jonathan Sedgwick, Football Equipment Manager. Eclipse Powered Systems outfitted with 4 post shelving, oblique garment rails and secure Rollok doors were installed in the athletic equipment storage room in October of 2012. Powered was selected for ease of acc

Mobilized Military Security Cages Saves Space

Various types of gear and equipment for different military divisions are often stored in security cages, which are padlocked. In this installation, gear cages were installed on mobile carriages that move back and forth on top of rails in order to eliminate empty aisles and save space. ​ Both a powered mobile system and a mechanically assisted (operated by a hand crank) mobile system were installed to house gear. The powered units are used by the “owners” of the warehouse, who access the gear quite a bit more than the "tenants." The "tenants" are made up of different departments that need storage space more temporarily and/or they access it infrequently enough that it can be stored off-site.

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