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Smart Small Parts Storage

ActivRAC increases storage capacity for the Parts and Service Department at Dave Kehl Chevrolet, Inc.

CHALLENGES Dave Kehl Chevrolet, Inc. Has been the number one Silverado truck dealership in the state of Ohio for the past two years running-in addition to a high-volume sales department, they also have an extensive parts and service department, which recently moved to the new dealership facility across the street.

The original service department housed narrow shelving with only 24"wide aisles, which was difficult to access and maneuver around aisles. In addition, the number of parts needed for service was steadily increasing-They were in dire need of a smarter storage solution.

SOLUTION Paul McMahill, the parts and service manager, had previously worked with McCormick Storage Solutions to acquire overhead doors, large overhead fans and industrial shelving products. He turned to them for help re-furnishing the new parts and service storage room.

During a visit to McCormick's facility, Paul noticed the ActivRAC storage system being used to store filing cabinets and inquired about using it for parts storage. "We sat down and brainstormed and came up with a good idea and it's wonderful," said McMahill.

RESULTS The storage specialists at McCormick recommended the ActivRAc®7 system, which they were able to design around an existing column, This meant using a bank of static shelving in the middle of the room that is flanked by mobile carriages. This creative design allowed the staff to use space that might otherwise have been left open and make the most out of the usable square footage.

With the ActivRAC 7, the system can carry up to 7,000 lbs per carriage, which makes it ideal for storing small parts and various tools(no matter what the weight)when space is at a premium.

Simply turning a three-spoke rotating handle moves the carriages from side-to-side along rails anchored ta the floor. McMahill can now get three times the amount of parts in the space as compared to the old storage room.

To learn more call us at 410-472-0824 or email

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