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How a start-up company used GROW Mobile Systems for leafy greens.

When a researcher from Princeton and his business partner rented space in a large warehouse in Trenton, New Jersey, they had a mission to see how well they could grow leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables on indoor hydroponic systems. If all proved successful, they were planning to increase their operation to a larger scale.


They already had irrigation, lighting, and large “gutters” used to house the seedlings, so they needed a racking solution that could be incorporated with what they already had. They chose to work with Diversified Storage Solutions, Inc., their local Spacesaver distributor, to install four GROW mobile carriages with two sections each, and a 24” end carriage to make use of their space.

Once the system was installed, the existing irrigation was incorporated within Spacesaver’s steel system, and the gutters were hung at an angle from reinforcements above.

This solution allowed them to successfully grow their leafy greens indoors, and live bees were even added to the room for pollination!

To learn more about Vertical Growing and Hydroponic Growing on High-Density Storage, click here.


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