Spacesaver helps an undergraduate university keep its entire collection in the main campus library Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, has undergone big changes since its founding in 1910. Originally a junior college, the institution later became a community college and officially earned its designation as a university in 2009. This new designation reflected expanded degree program offerings and higher expectations for undergraduate and faculty research. But there was a hitch: the institution’s library had been built in the early 1970s and it did not support these new expectations. “At the time it was built, we were a community college, a much smaller institution with different user

Securing the chain of custody at a sheriff’s department

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department improved its evidence storage to gain accreditation and ensure a secure chain of custody. THE CHALLENGE: MOVING TOWARD ACCREDITATION Located in suburban Chicago, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department takes in about 5500 pieces of evidence and property every year. The department had been storing evidence in a pole barn, where security concerns were an issue, as well as in the basement of the county jail, where aging overhead pipes presented concerns about leaks possibly damaging or destroying evidence. “It wasn’t a great situation,” said Harry Nickels, the department’s evidence manager. “We were running out of room.” After a thorough planning process, the

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