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Wheeled Cabinets In A Teaching Museum

Moving artifacts between collections areas and classrooms

Historic St. Mary’s City, located in southern Maryland, is charged with collecting, preserving, and interpreting the state’s original settlement site and first state capital. The institution is also home to the longest-running field school in historical archaeology in the United States.

When the museum had the opportunity to design and construct a new building, the curator called on Spacesaver to help design storage solutions for archival records and the institution’s ever-growing archaeological collection. The study collection, which is accessed daily, is housed in full-height Viking cabinets installed on powered compactors. A fleet of counter-height Viking cabinets was fitted with wheels to keep artifacts organized while in transit between classrooms and the collections area. “You can open up a cabinet, pull out the appropriate drawers for a lecture, put them in the small cabinet, and then roll it to a classroom,” said Silas Hurry, Curator of Collections and Archaeological Laboratory Director. “These rolling collection carts make life a lot easier.” Like all Viking by Spacesaver cabinets, these cabinets feature

removable doors and powder-coated steel construction, and they’re engineered and manufactured in the USA.

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