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High-end Automotive Dealer Gets Top-line Tire Storage Solution

At the time this Porsche automotive dealership was built in the Vancouver, BC area, proper tire storage consideration was an after-thought. Once they realized the importance of this much-needed space, they allocated the only available space in the building--a small mezzanine above the tire balancing area of service center--for their tire inventory.

With limited mezzanine space, methods to store the tires included floor stacking or traditional static tire racks. In both options, tires had to be manhandled and required constricted access, allowing for a smaller inventory size.

Enter in Bruce Middleton, from Hi-Cube Storage Products Ltd., an authorized Spacesaver Corporation distributor. He recommended a third storage option that would allow the dealership to fully maximize the mezzanine space capacity, while allowing for 100% accessibility. ActivRAC, a mobile racking system, accommodates exiting storage and provides a compact solution to recover wasted aisle space. One moving aisle replaces multiple aisles required by static racking.

Convinced of the benefits, the dealership selected ActivRAC for their tire storage solution. The system was able to double the amount of tires stored in the same amount of space, when compared to static racking. Furthermore, the dealership is now able to keep more tires in stock for special sales events, reducing the chance of lost sales to the competition.

To learn more, contact our office today. Call 410-472-0824 or email

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