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Iowa State University gets Movable Shelving

The equipment room at Iowa State University (ISU) was old, cramped and disorganized. There wasn’t enough space to store everything that the team needed and used on a daily basis, let alone try and organize the items within the space.

“Since we did not have enough space we had to use it inefficiently, thus there were times when it took a while to find items because they had to be boxed up and put high on top of the storage areas,” said Jonathan Sedgwick, Football Equipment Manager.

Eclipse Powered Systems outfitted with 4 post shelving, oblique garment rails and secure Rollok doors were installed in the athletic equipment storage room in October of 2012. Powered was selected for ease of access as well as ease of movement due to the size of the storage units. Users are able to press a button and enter the aisle immediately and without the normal delay associated with a mechanical assist system. The movable shelving system is also equipped with a floor lock to completely secure the system when not in use. These solutions provided smart storage solutions for apparel, shoes and gear. Now everything has an appropriate place and is easy to find within the equipment room. The Rollok doors also offer additional security within the powered system.

To learn more, contact our office today. Call 410-472-0824 or email

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