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St. Mary's Academy Bay View Rocks Their Spacesaver Sports Equipment Storage

In 2012, the students of Bay View Academy rallied together and participated in the Spacesaver Rock UR Storage contest, ultimately winning a $30,000 sports equipment storage makeover. The makeover included a Wheelhouse mobile storage system with mechanical assist (hand crank) operation. Each compartment is designed to protect and organize equipment. Jerseys and other uniforms can now be neatly hung on garment rails. Balls for a variety of sports are housed behind acrylic with open access for ease of storage and visibility. So now, instead of digging through piles of athletic equipment stored in plastic tubs on a four foot deep pallet or even boxes stacked inside the athletic director’s shower the school has a fully organized and maximized athletic storage system.

To learn more, contact our office today. Call 410-472-0824 or email

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