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Saving space and maintaining the chain of custody


Law enforcement agencies need to prove that every piece of evidence in a case has been preserved, all the way from the crime scene to the courtroom. Spacesaver’s pass-through evidence lockers allow officers to deposit evidence on one side of a wall, and then evidence technicians can remove it from inside the evidence room on the other side.

But some police departments had a problem: because evidence technicians typically

don’t work on weekends and holidays, and because officers seize a lot of evidence during those times, they were using all available evidence locker compartments over long holiday weekends. In short, they were running out of space. Since most evidence is small, like witness statements, bags of drugs, and camera memory cards, officers at this police department asked if one compartment could be fitted with a door with a drop slot.


Spacesaver’s engineers designed a drop slot that saves space by allowing multiple evidence envelopes to be deposited into a single compartment. Officers label the envelopes as usual and drop them in the slot. The slot features a hinged flap and “teeth” that prevent evidence from being removed by unauthorized personnel, and evidence remains secure until evidence technicians retrieve it through the locker’s back door.


This sturdy, convenient solution secures small evidence and maintains the chain of custody, even on busy holiday weekends.

To learn more about how STORAGELogic can help your station with your ever growing storage needs, please contact our office at 410-472-0824, or email

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