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Doubling storage capacity in a hockey team store’s back room


Like many professional athletic teams, the St. Louis Blues hockey team has a retail store offering a variety of jerseys, hats, and other gear. Although the shop’s storage area was relatively large, the space was used inefficiently. That meant inventory was difficult to trackand staff were wasting time looking for items to restock and moving multiple items to get to the ones they wanted.


The local Spacesaver consultant had already provided storage for the hockey team’s athletic gear, and the retail managers knew they wanted something similar to the system they had seen in the Blues’ equipment room. They discussed their options with the Spacesaver consultant and chose Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse® Modular Mobile Storage System with floorless rail, which allowed rails to be installed directly on top of the concrete slab in the back room. They also opted for static (non-mobile) shelving along a wall that was broken up by structural columns.

The consultant also worked with the managers to determine the interior configurations. He drew up plans to optimize the space within the shelving units, specifying hanging rods, shelf dividers, and other accessories to ensure that inventory would stay organized and accessible.


Now the back room storage area makes the best use of space and the staff’s time. The Spacesaver system makes it easy for staff to retrieve items for re-stocking, and it also streamlines inventory management processes. Because every item has a home, staff can see when inventory is getting low or when excess merchandise needs to be placed on clearance.

To learn more about how STORAGELogic can help meet your storage and design needs in your retail store back room, please call our office at 410-472-0824, or email

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