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Offering visitors a glimpse behind the scenes

Visible storage is an increasingly popular solution for museums and other institutions that want to maintain the best preservation environments for their collections, while also allowing the public to view items that might not otherwise be out on display.

For instance, when the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, Kentucky, outgrew its collection storage space, the institution’s leadership took advantage of the

opportunity to build a new facility adjacent to the society’s historic mansion and carriage house. They worked with architects to design a contemporary five-story building that would protect collections, enhance the landmark neighborhood, and welcome visitors with event spaces and public passageways among some of the collections areas.

Because the curator had first worked with the local Spacesaver consultant on a major shelving project about 15 years earlier, he trusted the consultant to coordinate with staff, the architects, and the contractor to design and install Spacesaver systems throughout the new building. In the photos above, Spacesaver art racks compactly store framed artwork, with end panels along the exterior UV-protected glass curtain wall providing additional protection from light exposure when the system is closed. Some of the interior walls are also made of glass,

allowing visitors and staff a chance to view the collections as they walk along passageways.

To learn more about how STORAGELogic can help meet your storage and design needs in your museum, please call our office at 410-472-0824, or email

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