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A Commitment to Cleanliness & Organization

LEVPRO helps organize hospital’s maintenance areas.

The Challenge - Crowded Maintenance Storage

Doctors and nurses aren’t the only hospital employees who have an impact on patient care. Facility managers and their staff maintain the mechanical systems — including electricity, plumbing, and air exchange — that are often taken for granted but that are absolutely vital in a healthcare setting. One facilities director put it this way: “If the lights aren’t on, we can’t heal patients.”

One of the mechanical rooms at a Nebraska hospital was overflowing with parts and supplies. The area had about 20 standalone shelves lining the walls but boxes were stacked on the floor and even overflowing into the adjacent hallway.

Staff were frustrated by the cramped and cluttered storage areas because it took them a long time to find the parts they needed. The director wanted a clean, efficient system that would allow his staff to spend less time looking for parts and more time doing the work that would keep patients comfortable.

Staff were continually frustrated by the cramped and cluttered storage areas, and it took them a long time to find equipment and put it away properly. They were also wasting time going from one storage area to another. They wanted a clean, efficient system that would allow them to spend more time planning and preparing for class, and less time hunting and gathering equipment and supplies.

The Solution - Suspended Shelving

The hospital acquired two 12′ LEVPRO systems*, which consist of shelving units suspended on an overhead track. Instead of shelves lined up against a wall, shelving units are turned sideways and hung on an overhead trolley system. Staff can use the handles to easily slide the shelves open and closed to gain access to stored items.

The LEVPRO systems arrived in flat-pack boxes and were assembled using typical tools. While the uprights needed to be bolted to the floor for safety, the room didn’t need any modifications or renovations.

The Result - More Capacity, More Time

The LEVPRO solution allowed maintenance staff to not only consolidate and organize the parts and other items they needed to store, but also to add items that had previously been stored in other areas. The system was such an improvement that the hospital acquired more systems for other rooms in the maintenance department.

Now the facilities staff spends less time looking for items and more time working on projects that directly impact patient comfort. The storage areas also reflect the hospital’s commitment to cleanliness and organization throughout the facility.

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