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Turning two Full Storage Rooms into One

LEVPRO helps Elementary PE teachers free up space in their storage room to fit even more equipment for their students.

The Challenge - Loss of a storage area

The PE equipment storage area at an elementary school in Madison, Wisconsin, was “bursting at the seams,” in the words of one of the PE teachers. The physical education department originally had two storage areas, but they had to give one of them to the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization. That meant all the equipment had to be crammed in one narrow room, and because the room was so crowded, teachers wasted a lot of time moving items to get to stored equipment.

They wanted a system that would allow them to spend more time on lesson plans and class prep, and less time moving things out of the way to find stored items.

The Solution - Suspended shelving

The school acquired a 12x8x4 LEVPRO system, which allows teachers to store equipment on shelving units suspended on an overhead track. Instead of lining up shelves along a wall, the shelves are turned sideways, which provides more efficient storage in the same space. Wire racking on top of the system provides additional storage for bulky or oversized items.

The LEVPRO system arrived in flat-pack boxes and it took two men about four hours to install the system using standard tools. The uprights were bolted to the floor for safety, but no other modifications were made to the room and the system was ready to be used later that day.

The Result - Accessible & Organized

The school’s new LEVPRO system now efficiently stores golf bags, games, bins, and a variety of other PE class equipment. Soccer goal nets and foam noodles, which are lightweight but cumbersome, are stored on the wire racking on top of the system. Most importantly, the system helped teachers clear out clutter, which gives them more time to devote to their kids.

To learn more call our office at 410-472-0824 or email

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