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Fighter Pilot Gear Lockers

Custom storage for vital U.S. Air Force pilot gear.

U.S. Air Force pilots trust their lives to specialized gear, including flight suits and high-performance helmet systems. Pilot gear needs to be stored properly to ensure that it stays organized, protected, and in perfect working order.

The Flight Chief from the Aircrew Flight Equipment section called in the local Spacesaver consultant after pilots became frustrated with their former lockers at this Air Force base. He wanted to see if Spacesaver could design lockers that would store gear for the nearly 60 pilots who were stationed there.

The Spacesaver consultant worked with the Flight Chief and Spacesaver’s engineers for several months to perfect the design of these fighter pilot gear lockers.

The finished lockers include four compartments for pilot gear.

The main compartment stores flight suits and is open for optimal ventilation. It includes small hooks as well as a 14” harness bar that’s sturdy enough to bear up to 90 pounds.

A louvered drawer at the bottom of the locker stores the pilots’ G-suits, which protect them from high levels of acceleration force.

At top is the helmet compartment, which is fitted with a perforated swing door for ventilation. It’s also lined with a foam insert to meet the customer’s padded surface storage requirement.

The personal effects compartment houses the fighter pilots’ wallets, keys, and other personal items when they suit up to fly. It’s fitted with a 10-inch-tall flipper door that retracts into the locker.

The lockers were sized for the pilot gear that needed to be stored as well as the space within the room, including a height restriction imposed by fire codes. The end result is a sturdy set of custom Air Force pilot gear lockers that keep fighter pilots’ gear organized and at the ready.

Spacesaver products & services used in this project

  • FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers

  • Duty Bag Lockers

  • Long-Term Maintenance

  • Complimentary Design Consultations

To learn more, contact our office today. Call 410-472-0824 or email

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