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Increase storage capacity without renting or building more space

Campus warehouses have always needed to store a variety of items, from bulk s

upplies to furniture and building materials. The COVID-19 crisis has intensified the space crunch in campus warehouses. With health and safety top of mind, some campuses are considering renting portable storage containers or additional warehouse space to accommodate bulk storage for masks and other preparedness equipment and


A more cost-effective long-term solution is the ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System. By mounting new or existing racking on “carriages” that move along rails, the system stores more items in less space, or it frees up space to create additional work areas. It’s an infrastructure investment that quickly pays for itself in added storage capacity.

ActivRAC increases storage capacity for cleaning supplies, masks, and preparedness gear.

Bellevue College installed an ActivRAC system several years ago to store surplus furniture, building materials, and custodial supplies. When COVID-19 struck, warehouse staff suddenly needed to store personal protective equipment and additional bulk cleaning supplies.

Even though classes are online for the summer and fall of 2020, some faculty, staff, and students are still working on campus. Warehouse staff constantly need to reorder bulk supplies like gloves, face masks, disinfectant, peroxide cleaner, and hand sanitizer to ensure an adequate supply. The warehouse also needs to store larger quantities of bulk custodial supplies, along with boxes of full-body protective suits for custodians.

The ActivRAC provides additional capacity and it also streamlines warehouse processes. Because some items are more in demand than others, staff simplifies inventory by storing similar items together to provide visual cues when supplies are running low. The system saves time because all items are instantly accessible without having to move boxes around.

To learn how we can help streamline your campus warehouse, check out this 5 minute read.

To speak to a Campus Warehouse Organization specialist, call our office at 410-472-0824 or email us at

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