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Spacesaver supports 6x increase in testing capacity

This Los Angeles-area diagnostic laboratory, originally built in 2016, conducts medical testing for hundreds of thousands of southern California residents. In response to an urgent need to process more COVID-19 tests, a new lab was constructed in 2020 by rapidly building out 30,000 square feet of shelled space inside the existing 150,000-square-foot facility.

The existing lab was processing 7,500 COVID tests daily, and its capacity will increase by approximately 50,000 more tests per day when the addition is fully operational in early 2021. To support all the supplies and materials required to maintain a six-fold increase in capacity, the lab needed three compact storage systems from Spacesaver: one for materials management and two for storing test kits in refrigerated rooms.

Spacesaver systems compactly store refrigerated test kits.

The Spacesaver systems in the refrigerated rooms feature aluminum tread flooring on a “false floor” that is easy to clean and will allow the system to be moved in the future if needed. To improve visibility into the specially treated wire shelving, staff opted for half-height end panels with clear Plexiglas extending to full height. The Plexiglass ensures that kits won’t fall off the ends while also allowing quick visual inspection.

Due to this project’s extremely tight deadlines, Spacesaver shipped the rails to the construction site while factory workers were still manufacturing the rest of the order. This allowed the local installation crew to keep pace with the lab’s rapid build-out.

To learn more check out Lab Cold Room Shelving. To speak to a STORAGELogic representative about your Cold Storage needs, please call our office, 410-472-0824 or email us at


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