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Locking ActivRAC® securely stores food in compact spaces

Oil rigs are like small floating cities, housing the staff and equipment needed to support the rig’s mission. The largest rigs house hundreds of people, and food service staff face particular challenges: although space is limited, all food safety regulations must be followed and the galley needs to store enough food to serve thousands of meals between supply deliveries.

As a result, high-density storage is an essential component of most rigs’ food service strategy. In the past, most rigs simply purchased the cheapest compact storage solution. This became a problem, though, particularly because rigs aren’t stationary: they’re built on land and then towed out to sea, and they must withstand substantial movement during towing and heavy storms. Over time, architects and engineers came to Spacesaver, complaining that competitors’ initial low prices were soon overshadowed by continual breakdowns and the need for costly repairs. They wanted something better.

The Spacesaver consultant located in New Orleans recently began acting as a liaison between a local oil rig architect and Spacesaver’s engineering and manufacturing teams. Together they designed a safe, practical solution to stand the test of time: a stainless steel ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System fitted with a unique Engineered-To-Order bar that locks the system in place. Local factory-trained installation crews followed an extra rigorous installation process while the new rig was under construction on land to ensure that the new system would meet all requirements and provide a durable solution.

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