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High-density storage optimizes space and increases capacity

When a Midwestern cancer treatment center expanded, medical supply storage was a top priority during the design process. That’s because storage in the original facility hadn’t been thoughtfully built in, and staff had been struggling with inadequate storage for more than ten years. The primary goal for the expansion was to incorporate chemotherapy infusion areas and new exam rooms to allow more patients to be treated at the facility. The planning team knew that treating more patients would require more medical supplies like tubing, bags, and gauze. They also knew that storage for these items can take up a lot of space—space that could be used for patient care.

Optimizing storage space was essential, and the planning team had seen Spacesaver systems at other healthcare facilities, so they called on their local Spacesaver consultant for insights and advice. The consultant suggested designing a long, narrow room, about 15 feet by 25 feet, with a Spacesaver high-density mobile system fitted with 4-post shelving and wire decking. The Spacesaver solution provides plenty of storage space for the existing building as well as the new addition, and it keeps supplies clean, organized, and accessible. Now the facility can serve more patients and staff can easily find the supplies they need.

To learn more about Medical Supply Room Storage solutions, read more here.

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