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Space is at a premium in almost any business environment. For ELEMENTS, a sleek, full service office furniture dealer in Colorado, storage space posed a particular challenge. “We are in the business of providing literature and samples to our customers and influencers,” says ELEMENTS principal, Traci Lounsbury. “The literature consists of a lot of brochures and paper, but we also have to provide large items like carpet samples, and very small items like fabrics and wood samples.”

ELEMENTS’ Denver location is a working showroom. This fact compounds the challenge of designing a clean, organized system to store the myriad shapes and sizes of materials. Any square footage dedicated to storage potentially consumes area that could be used for display. As with every functional area in the showroom, the solution needed to highlight ELEMENTS’ capabilities and creativity.

“We went up,” said Ms. Lounsbury. “Isn’t that always what you do when you look for extra footage?” Teaming with Advanced Systems Plus’ Maryjane Casey, Ms. Lounsbury increased storage space 50% by utilizing a barrier wall. Hamilton Casework Solutions addressed the aesthetic and functional needs of the workspace. Now sample books sit handsomely on shelves specifically suited to their height, bins offer storage for fabric swatches on rings and base vertical shelves house heavy floor tiles. Doors hide the unruly samples. This precise solution was available in standard options from HAMILTON. Even the designer white laminate chosen to match the decor of the store was a Hamilton standard finish.

HAMILTON offers over 10,000 standard products. Standard choices shorten the turnaround time and reduce costs to the customer. Archived computer generated design and manufacturing specifications ensure a perfect match for future orders.

With decades of experience, HAMILTON also expertly crafts unique pieces. The one custom component requested by Ms. Lounsbury was a matching two story ladder built to resemble a traditional rolling library ladder. Constructed to Ms. Casey’s and Ms. Lounsbury’s specs, this show-stopper elevates the storage area to front-of-house levels.


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