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Hotel Back of House Storage


When most hotels and resorts think about where to spend their money, they’re usually thinking of one thing – improving the guest experience. While guests demand more unique activities and personalized service, hotels must find a way to handle all the supplies – and employees – that make those experiences possible.

It can be tempting to forego storage space for guest features up front, but an accessible, organized back-of-house storage solution impacts guests more than new sofas in the lobby.

More time with guests - When items are easily accessible, employees spend less time searching and fulfilling requests and more time focusing on and interacting with guests.

Saves space - The right storage solution allows you to store up to 50% more in the same space, meaning more space to store the supplies you need to enhance the guest experience or more space for new guest activities and revenue streams.

Improves safety - Staff can almost instantly retrieve necessary items — even large and heavy items like tables – without the need to move other fragile or heavy items to get to what they need.


Shelves or heavy duty racking are mounted onto rails in the floor, allowing shelves to slide together and eliminate wasted aisle space. Aisles are accessed easily with a mechanical assist handle or button.


High density mobile storage can more efficiently store almost anything your resort, hotel, or casino needs.

“The ease of movement is fantastic. When we’re setting up a room for an event, we need so many different parts and pieces. If a client changes their need, we’re able to accommodate that need at a moment’s notice. The fact that it moves so quickly, and the fact that it helps with organization — you don’t have to hunt for things, it’s at your fingertips when you need it — that’s the best part.”

– Sam Askew, General Manager of Tulalip Resort Casino

To speak to a STORAGELogic representative about your Back of House needs, please call our office, 410-472-0824 or email us at


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