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Spacesaver provides compact storage for tissue samples

Cold storage is expensive storage, and we can help optimize every cubic foot. Mount new or existing pallet racking on a carriage-and-rail system that’s custom designed to fit your cooler or freezer.

ActivRAC’s innovative storage system accommodates existing storage for multiple SKUs and provides a compact solution to recover wasted cooler space. One moving aisle replaces multiple aisles required by static racking, creating up to 50% more storage while still providing 100 percent access and selectivity at all times.


• Cost savings: designed to work with existing pallet

racking and industrial shelving

• Time savings: Open aisles from a distance of up to 100

feet with the TUSCTM Control app

• Available in steel or stainless steel construction to provide increased corrosion resistance in atmospheric and pure water environments, improved corrosion resistance to most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine-bearing environments

• Hygiene: stainless steel is the first choice for strict hygiene conditions in hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, kitchens, abattoirs and other clean facilities.

• Free up space and maximize storage within the same storage footprint

• Reduce the need for plant expansions, or leasing/purchasing of additional facilities

• Ease of installation: installs on existing unleveled concrete

Ideal for any climate-controlled storage application, including food warehouses, composite manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and beverage distributorships.

With ActivRAC Mobilized Storage, otherwise stationary (or fixed) rows of pallet racking are mounted on carriages and mobilized. The carriages, which can also be equipped with shelving and cabinets, travel on wheels mated to a rail system. By moving side to side, the system is able to “compress” (or compact) the stored materials into a much smaller footprint when compared with a stationary system – yet provide 100 percent access whenever needed. Each system can be configured to match the dimensions of stored materials or given footprint.

​To learn more, contact our office today. Call 410-472-0824 or email


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