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Helping a business save space, manage inventory, and improve efficiency

This Atlanta-based firm was an internet pioneer, making its first web sales in 1996. As the business expanded over time, staff found it increasingly difficult to stock and ship products from 30 different manufacturers. When the storage area in their leased warehouse started overflowing into the shipping department, management knew they needed to find a more effective storage solution. They needed a system that would let them store more inventory in less space while still providing quick, convenient access to all stored items.

This online retailer ships up to 40 percent more items every month, thanks to efficiencies gained with the ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System.

The local Spacesaver consultant designed an ActivRAC system to optimize space and improve efficiency in the warehouse. The system has enough aisle space to allow for a single aisle to be opened wide for stocking with a forklift before and after business hours, and then multiple smaller aisles are opened during the business day for quick and easy hand-picking. Slower-moving inventory is stored up top while faster-moving items are kept on lower shelves for quicker retrieval.

This solution has dramatically increased efficiency, helping the company ship up to 40 percent more items every month. Because the firm might move to a new location when its current lease expires, the system’s rails were installed on top of the cement floor so the system can be moved at a later date.

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