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Keeping a pharma manufacturer’s batch samples organized & accessible

As part of quality control and documentation procedures, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to store batch samples, or a given quantity of medications from every batch of production, in climate-controlled stabilization chambers for a specified time. This is usually until one year after the expiration date.

A Toronto-based pharmaceutical manufacturing company stored batch samples in a walk-in stabilization chamber at its headquarters, but space was getting tight. The growing firm needed more space to accommodate samples as well as more office space, but expanding the facility wasn’t an option. The local Spacesaver consultant had been helping staff consolidate and organize document storage for the past 20 years, so they turned to him again to see if Spacesaver could help optimize space in the chamber.

The local Spacesaver consultant worked with staff to understand their needs, and then he worked with the chamber manufacturer to design a Spacesaver system that would eliminate wasted aisle space while improving organization and accessibility. RaptorRACT Widespan Shelving on an ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System, along with static shelving, accommodates 1600 of the totes that are used to store batch samples.

To fully support the project, the consultant provided detailed drawings and weight calculations, coordinated the installation of an aluminum false floor, and provided recommendations for rolling ladders that staff could use to access higher shelves.

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