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Spacesaver Powered Mobile Systems

When things work like they’re supposed to, it’s easy to take them for granted. That’s why it’s important to step back once in a while and celebrate the extraordinary innovation and effort that go into a product that works reliably day after day, decade after decade. Spacesaver’s Powered Mobile Systems are convenient and easy to use, moving thousands of pounds with the press of a button. And behind that button? Sophisticated technology that’s been tested and proven to promote efficiency, protect stored items, and keep users safe—day in and day out.


Thorough testing, from initial product development to every single product that ships from our factory, ensures that your Spacesaver system will work reliably for years to come. Here are just a few of the measures we take to ensure that your system functions reliably for decades before it even leaves our manufacturing facility:

  • 100% testing of cable connections, microprocessor controls, and complete systems

  • Documented chain of custody for electrical components

  • Cycle testing prototypes up to 50,000 cycles of movement to replicate 20 years of daily use


Superior technology makes Spacesaver’s Powered Mobile Systems the most durable and reliable systems in the industry. They’re designed from the very start to handle even the heaviest loads every day.

We’re Serious about Safety.

Our most advanced safety systems use infrared beams to detect the presence of a person or an object in the aisles, and these systems function consistently even in full sunlight.

Decreased Downtime.

Technology advances constantly to make our lives simpler and safer and Spacesaver aligns with current technology to ensure long-term reliability. When powered systems need servicing, our patented wireless technology allows technicians to minimize disruption and downtime.

To learn more about Medical Supply Room Storage solutions, read more here.

No Power? No Problem.

If your system loses power, the automatic battery backup system maintains full operation.

Think All-Wheel Drive, but for Storage.

Superior drive and guidance systems ensure positive tracking, better system stability, and less wear.

Dependability for Decades.

Many Spacesaver systems work day in and day out for 25 years or more before they need an electronics update. How many other pieces of equipment or electronic devices around your home or work have lasted you that long?


Spacesaver’s local distribution network has sales consultants and factory-certified technicians who can design and install your system and provide ongoing support, including simple preventative maintenance, to extend its life. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with your local team. Together we support all aspects of your project, from the earliest planning stages through product installation, and for decades to come.


When you’re ready to discover the power of reliability, contact us to learn more about Spacesaver’s powered mobile systems. We can answer your questions and connect you with your nearby Spacesaver consultant, who can help update your existing system or design a new system that’s a perfect fit for your needs and your space.

To learn more check out The Power of Reliability Brochure. To speak to a STORAGELogic representative about your Storage needs, please call our office, 410-472-0824 or email us at


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