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World-renowned thought leader Peter A. Crooks, Ph.D. was granted the opportunity to spec his dream laboratory environment as part of an enticement package. When he accepted the position of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Chair at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Dr. Crooks had very specific requirements in mind. “Dr. Crooks knew exactly what he wanted from stem to stern,” says Brandon Baird of Southwest Solutions Group, Inc. “The dynamic flexibility of a modular system was of paramount importance to him.” On a tour of UAMS labs, Dr. Crooks was particularly impressed with an existing HAMILTON installation and used that lab as an inspiration for his own.

Once Southwest Solutions received the green light on their bid proposal in April, they had to meet a stringent production schedule to meet the Professor’s move-in date of August 1. A state-of-the-art, no-expense-spared three room laboratory system was to be created in the decade-old Biomed II building’s 3,500 SF spec space. “We started with a gravel bottom,” says Brandon. “So, imagine the whirlwind of plumbing, electric, HVAC — all the trades coming in behind us.” Brandon relied on Hamilton Casework Solutions to meet the tight deadlines.

For the modular work islands, Dr. Crooks envisioned risers featuring upper cabinets of glass with “pass-throughs” offering full depth and access. He also requested nine power outlets per island. “HAMILTON gave us just what the doctor ordered,” says Brandon. “The clear glass horizontal sliding doors allow light into the upper cabinets.” Work surfaces in the lab are made of the ultra chemical resistant, durable and Class 1/A Fire Rated phenolic resin.

A mechanical room is positioned in the back of the lab. This room only needs to be opened once a year for inspection. HAMILTON’s Project Management Team offered a creative solution to optimize the space. All of the counters along the back appear to be seamlessly built-in. However, the counters positioned in front of the mechanical room doors are actually rollout tables with casters on the legs. The tables provide valuable additional worksurface for the more than a half-dozen doctoral-level researchers working in the space through the year. They are wheeled out annually to gain entry for the inspections.


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